Émilie Brisedou


Émilie Brisedou

Émilie Brisedou, Geneva flautist, graduated from the Conservatoires of Bern, Geneva, Paris and Zurich. She plays the full range of flutes in orchestra and in chamber music with incursions in experimental and improvised music, particularly in Berlin. She performs with a variety of orchestras and chamber music ensembles, including the ensemble Fecimeo, the ensemble Contrechamps, the trio Nunamerata and the Orchestre des Jardins Musicaux. Constantly searching to create bridges between the arts and the public, she has launched several multidisciplinary projects and many cultural outreach programmes centred around music in general, and contemporary music in particular. Moreover, she developed diplopia, a project for solo vertical bass flute and voice playing two melodic lines played simultaneously: « One breath of air, two vocal cords. One person, two voices. One agile, the other fragile. »

© Photo Yannick Delez