Florestan Darbellay


Florestan Darbellay

Florestan Darbellay started studying cello at the age of four by the hand of his grand­father François Courvoisier. Later on, he entered Denis Guy’s class at the “Conservatoire de Genève”. In September 2004, he was admitted to the higher school for music in Lausanne, where he entered Marc Jaerman’s class. In 2008, he obtained a teaching qualification, graduating with honors. After this, he followed Roel Dielthiens’ courses in the “Zürich Hochschule der Kunst” and eventually obtained a Master in art of Music in June 2010. Since many years, he regularly receives advices from the solo cellist of the Lyon Orchestra, Nicholas Hartman. Over the years, he also attended several Master classes with, among others, François Guy, Jeroen Reuling, Marcio Carneiro and Roel Dielthiens.

Florestan is passionate about chamber music and regularly performs with variegated ensembles, from duo to chamber orchestra. He shared the stage with Michèle Courvoisier, Lucas Buclin et Irène Puccia (pianists), Jean­Baptiste Navarro et Odile Lespérance (violinists), Nicolas Hartmann (cellist), Vincent Thévenaz (organist) and the Byron Quartet. During several years, he was a member of the Boreas Quartet and Digit Ludi Trio. Nowadays, he belongs to the organizing Committee of the “Orchestre Buissonnier”. In 2014, he took part in the creation of the Fecimeo ensemble.

Since many years now, Florestan performs both Baroque and Classical repertoire on period instrument. In particular, he played J.S. Bach Solo Suites for Cello and Haydn’s Concerto in Do Major with the “Orchestre Baroque Buissonier”. Beside his life as a classical musician, Florestan also nourishes a lively interest in French chanson. In Septembre 2012, he joined the band of the French­speaking Swiss songwriter Tomas Grand. With him, Florestan has taken part in several festivals or concert seasons: “Voix de fête” in Geneva, the “Anglofolies” in Lausanne, the “Francomanias” in Bulle, etc.

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